Our primary goal is to provide our customers with fast, reliable service and quality workmanship. For years, our excellent reputation and satisfied clients attest to our superior attention to detail, use of high quality materials, and honest problem diagnosis.

*Only in-shop services are 

available at this time

For many years, local New York City residents have relied on us for affordable replacement and repair of all their damaged windows. We truly appreciate their business and support. In an effort to show our appreciation, we work diligently to ensure that every job exceeds both our customer’s and the industry’s standards.

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How can we serve you?
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We know it's an urgent matter when a window glass breaks or supporting hardware that used to be strong and functional has gotten weak throughout time due to excessive use or damaged due to poor quality. We also know that it can be costly for those who can no longer claim the repair under the original window manufacturer's warranty.

For an emergency repair, kindly bring your sash or glass panel to our factory and we will have it fixed within the *same day. Our experienced technicians will diagnose the problem and (if applicable) may suggest necessary hardware and solutions to prevent additional problems in the near future. For more information on our window accessories, click here.

During the spring and summer months, many people rely on window/door screens for insect protection and air ventilation. Unfortunately, there are moments when the mesh becomes too delicate and tears easily due to constant handling or animals scratching.

When there is a tear on the mesh, why pay for an entire new screen when you can have it remeshed in our workshop? We carry different grades of screen mesh for your door and window needs. For more information on our screen accessories, click here.

Like screens, many people think storm panels are non-repairable. Why go through the trouble by contacting the original door manufacturer and be charged excessively for an entirely new panel and for the shipping? Not to mention the lead time could be 1 week or more.

Luckily, All United Window supplies storm panel material such as frame extrusions and plexiglass. All you need to do is supply us with the damaged panel and we will have it looking like new again within the *same day. For more information on our storm panel accessories, click here.

One of our unique services is refurbishing older products (often installed several decades ago) back to their original performance standards. If you have any windows, screens, or storm panels that are in need of repair, please contact us. We look forward to adding you to our long list of satisfied clients.

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*Same day service is based on the following criteria:

  • Drop-off time
  • Technician's availability
  • Volume of items
  • Technicality of the repair
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