Aluminum vs Vinyl Windows

Can't decide on which type of material to choose from?
The description below will explain the advantages and disadvantages of both material.




What is the difference between Aluminum and Vinyl?

Aluminum = Metal
Vinyl = Plastic (PVC)

Both materials can be used to build good quality windows. For some time, there has been discussions on what the difference is between the two materials and which is better. The result is always the same...it depends on who you talk to.

To see the advantages and disadvantages of both materials, see the following for details:

Stronger frame
Act as heat conductor
Natural insulator
Suitable for residential houses
Suitable for commercial residential buildings
Wide variety of colors
and can be painted
Meets Energy Star standards
for all climate zones
Easier to repair
Better resistance to condensation
Not affected by salt air or water
Will not warp
Will not rust or corrode
Flexibility with choosing thicker/heavier glass options

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